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Visionaries and Partners

Board of Directors

Bishop John W. Yanta, Retired, Chairperson and President
Al Notzon, Vice Chairperson
Joe James Yanta, Vice President
Randy Pawelek, Assistant Vice President
Betty Kowalik, Treasurer
Sam Kotara, Secretary
Father Wieslaw Iwaniec
Norman Pollok

Advisory Council

Dr. T. Lindsay Baker
Janet Dawson Ebrom
Allen Kosub
Monsignor Frank Kurzaj
Honorary Directors
Louise Janysek Jurgajtis
Elaine Dolores Moczygemba
Loretta Dziuk Niestroy
Judge Alfred Pawelek
Judge Robert Thonhoff

Campaign Steering Committee

Father Wieslaw Iwaniec
Susie and Sam Kotara
Betty and George Kowalik
Monsignor Frank Kurzaj
Loretta and Adrian Niestroy
Al Notzon
Norman Pollok
Cheryl Pruski
Rosalie and Lambert Titzman
Bishop John W. Yanta, Retired


Certified Public Accountant, Michael A. Schott
Attorney, Kevin Kennedy
Architect, Robert E. Morkovsky, AIA
Designer, Steve Harding
Project Coordinator, Maureen Brown
Archivist and Librarian, Robin Raquet

Mission and Goals

The Polish Heritage Center at Panna Maria will retain for posterity the values, beliefs and traditions of the first Silesian Polish settlers, and their descendants, and will inspire, engage, inform, and educate all visitors. The further goal is to keep Silesian Polish customs, beliefs, and values vibrant and relevant in today’s constantly changing cultural environment.

The Heritage Center’s long-term vision is to become:

  • One of the first places people consider when they think of American Polonia
  • A place that is as much about the future as it is about the past
  • A “must-see” destination for San Antonio and South Texas visitors and locals
  • The Heritage Center will be a place that educates and inspires visitors to:
  • Preserve the heritage of Silesian and Polish culture in Texas through exhibits and educational programs
  • Understand the importance of preserving and understanding the past in order to inform and shape the future
  • Provide students a multicultural experience
  • Help visitors connect with their ancestral roots
  • Provide an opportunity for all visitors to celebrate and realize the importance of their heritage

Be Part of Your Heritage



Panna Maria Heritage Center

P.O. Box 100184
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Panna Maria Heritage Center Foundation

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Maureen Brown and Robin Raquet